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Meet Mike and Lynda Willams and learn about Diamond W Cattle Company

Diamond W Cattle Company

0407111216-1Diamond W Cattle Company was founded by Mike and Lynda Williams. Although technically a first generation cattle operation, Mike and Lynda’s agriculture roots run deep.  Farmers and ranchers dominate their family tree as far back as records are kept.

Lynda’s paternal grandfather Edwin Dies farmed in Pennsylvania, where their family has farmed since coming to America in the early 1700’s. Her maternal Grandfather, Lemuel Doyle was a rancher in Texas. Her step Grandfather Sid Frasier also ranched in Texas, and as a young man drove cattle up the Chisum trail.

Both of Mike’s Grandparents farmed and raised cattle. Tom Williams, Mike’s paternal Grandfather farmed, raised cattle, and ran a facebook_35191dairy near Hammer Idaho. As their sons grew and began to share in ownership of the farm, they started the Williams Brothers Corporation and registered the Diamond inner letter W Brand. Although the farm sold and the corporation shut down in the 1980s, Mike registered and uses this brand today. Tom Smith Mike’s maternal Grandfather ran a small farm and ranch near the Southern Idaho town of Wendell. Tom was an excellent horseman and a good cowboy. His farm is still in the family, and is currently owned by Mike’s Aunt, Ann Lorraine Smith. Mike spent a great deal of his youth working with his Grandparents, where he developed a love for the livestock, the land, and the lifestyle.

Although Mike’s parents moved to town when Mike was a small boy, his father taught him how to work. Mike spent many years working as a cowboy, a solider, and a horseshoer, photo_4-2where he developed the skills, discipline, and confidence to enter the cattle business. Mike and Lynda started Diamond W Cattle Company with the purchase of 10 steers . They now operate a cow/calf, stocker, and custom grazing operation on the historic Ritter Ranch, comprising of over 12,500 acres in Southern California’s Los Angeles county.

Ritter Ranch

Ritter Ranch is over 12,000 acers in the mountains north east of Los Angles near Leona Valley20190305_122811 Cattle and sheep have grazed in the area as early as 1840. John Ritter homesteaded 160 acers here in 1894, planted grapes, and built a winery; his son’s branched out into hay, cattle, and bees. They bought out other homesteads and surrounding land, and expanded the holdings to over 12,000 acers.  Although it is currently owned by an investment bank, and targeted for future development, it is presently exclusively used for cattle grazing.