Rancher Direct

Want to know more about the food you eat?
Due to overwhelming interest, Diamond W Cattle Company has opened it’s Rancher Direct BEEF program

We have set aside limited number of cattle to market directly to local consumers

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You can now buy a steer directly from us and pick it up at the butcher shop.

Our cattle are naturally raised, grass finished on native rangelands in Southern California.

We can add some grain to the diet for a few months upon request.

Want to know more about your food?

All of our calves are raised buy us, on our ranch. We keep detailed records on all our calves. We can tell you anything you want to know about the cattle you buy from us.

We have set aside a limited number of cattle to sell directly to the public.

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Buying beef directly from us is a little different than buying cuts of meat at the store. Here is what you can expect.

How it works

We hold back some of our best calves to sell direct to our local customers. When you dicide what you want you will need to reserve one with a deposit. The supply is limited so it is important that you reserve one as early as possible. Discounts are avalible for calves reserved early.

Once you have reserved your steer one is set aside for you. We will finish it and deliver it to the butcher. We normally harvest in the late spring and summer when the feed is good and strong, adding flavor and texture to the meat. We will cover the cost of transportation and the slaughter. At this time the HCW is established. We will invoice you for the balance due. The carcass will need to hang for several weeks.

All you need to do is give butcher with your processing preferences. Then when the meat has been processed and you have paid your balance due you go and pick up the meat.

Deposit: A minumum deposit of 1/2 of the estimated total amount due will be required for a deposit. This deposit is not refundable.

Butcher and Processing: We cover the cost of slaughter and transportation to a local processor we use. You may, of course, use another one of your choosing, but may be reasonable for any extra cost associated with your choice.

Payin the Balance: Once the carcass has been weighed and the HCW has been established, we will notify you and send you a invoice for the balance due. This must be paid before you pick up the meat. It must be paid within 30 days of notification.

Some sources of additional information

What we offer

We sale by the whole, half and quarter animal. The price is based on the Hot Carcass Weight (HCW) or “Hanging Weight”. This is the weight of the animal after the hide, head, organs are removed. Typically a steer will weigh 650-750lbs.

Angus Steers and Heifers: Out steers and heifer our are have solid Angus based genetics that increases the juiciness and tenderness of the steaks and roasts offering a excellent eating experience with amazing taste and tenderness

Long Horn cross Steers and Heifers: If you like beef flavor, you will like our Long Horn cross steers and heifers! They offer a robust beef flavor while maintainting a lean profile.

Cows: We also have a few cows to sale from time to time. Cows will be leaner and not as tender. They are cost a lot less and they make great lean ground beef, Chicken fried steak, or carne asada. If you eat a lot of hamburger this may be a more affordable option.