Want to know more about your food?

You can now buy a steer directly from us and pick it up at the butcher shop.

Due to overwhelming interest from consumers who want to know more about where there food comes from, Diamond  Cattle company is introducing their Rancher Direct program, giving consumers the opportunity to buy BEEF directly from us, the Rancher.

Know your BEEF

All of our calves are raised buy us, on our ranches. We keep detailed records on all our calves. We can tell you anything you want to know about the cattle you buy from us.

Reserve yours now

We have set aside a limited number of cattle to sell directly to the public.These cattle will be ready for harvest in 3-8 months.

Come out to the ranch and pick one out, or we could do that for you.

Place a deposit to hold the steer.

We will finish it on grass or grain according to your taste.

When its ready, pay the balance and we will deliver it to the butcher.

If a whole steer seems like a lot, find some friends, and split it into half’s or quarters.

If you can’t find anyone else interested let us know we may be able to match you with someone else.